Shinsou's History

2007/06/03 - Shinya created the first version of this website (on server:
2007/08 - The site got a first Domain:

2008/12 - Shinya's first own Layout fot this site was finished
2008/12 - Shinya started to work with html only (without any visual editor!)

2009/01 - The Site gots the new Domain:
2009/06 - The Layout was called "Shinsou" now!

2010 [Screenshot]
2010/02 - Shinya put the site away from and loaded it up to her own webspace
2010/03 - Shinya started to work with PHP too
2010/05 - Shinya started to use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS-) documents

2011 [Screenshot]
2011/01 - The Layout was optimized for looking good in all resolutions.
2011/02 - Shinsou got an Award, given by

2012 [Background Graphic]
2012 - In 2012 Shinsou was offline or unused the most time. There were less Posts and Updates then usual.

2013 - In 2013 Shinya was giving up the old domain and got the new domain
2013 - The Content switched from Shinyas own webspace to her Friends Server.

2014 [Background Graphic] [Background Graphic] [Screenshot]

2015 [Background Graphic] [Screenshot]

2016 [Background Graphic]

2017 [Background Graphic] [Screenshot]
Shinsou has it's 10th Birthday!! [10th B-Day Background Graphic] [Screenshot]

Domain leads to shinsou again. also stays active.
I started doing more honest posting about former secret topics like drug consumption.

2019 [Background Graphic] [Screenshot]