Atomic Fireflys death

It was on May 16th, 2010 - a very fatefull day - when Shinya was in Grimma (a small City in Germany) to visit relatives.
She went there with her Mom, her Brother Schma and her best friend Lay.
The conversation inside the House got worse by the minute, so Shinya, Schma and Lay asked if they were allowed to go outdoors.
They were.
Outside they walked to a nearly being forest.
A very fatefull forest!
Schma and Shinya have known the forest very well, because they were often there when they were younger.
The three idiots jumped through the forest like they did in Childhood -deeper and deeper- to the fatefull Cliff...
Before they noticed, they were already there.
What happened then ... went very quickly.
When they were young, Shinya and Schma often played on the cliffs.
Flying through memories, they started to do gymnastics on the cliffs trees and stones, which turned out to be a very fateful activity...
AND THEN it happened!
Shinya was in the process of jumping from a higher cliff-platform to a deeper lying one.
DURIG THIS fateful jump, Shinya's Atomic Firefly (which by the way is the Name of her mobile phone) was gliding out of her Pocket, and fell down the cliff!
DISASTER! Shinya thought about jumping after it to save it, Schma was horrified and Lay could not believe her eyes. What a horrible sight!
Of course Shinya didn't jump^^ Otherwise she wouldn't be here today ;)

After much thinking and discussions, the three idiots deciced, that the Atomic Firefly can not be saved, if they try to climb down the cliffs from above.
So they looked for an other way to get down. They found one.
While climbing down, Lay fell down. Shinya picked her up and motivited her to go further.
When they arrived there, they searched in vain for the Atomic Firefly. But there were so much Leaves, so much Grass and so much Scrub that they didn't found it.
A very depressed mood was spread. With pain in their hearts, the three idiots went back home.