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With todays Patch Shinsou is at Version 6.0.3. These things are new: Blog Posts older than 5 Years disappear from the main Navi and go to the subcategory Prehistoric. Non-vegan foods deleted from Cooking.

New Or Popular Things

Date: Oct 2016
Location: Blog (2016)
Aus unserem Nachbardorf durften wir vor genau einer Woche zwei kleine niedliche Kätzchen adoptieren...

Schoko-Soja Cookies
Date: Oct 2014
Location: Reallife (Cooking)
Die Konsistenz ist eher weich, man könnte auch sagen es sind Brot-/Muffinartige Cookies mit Schokoladenstückchen...

Date: Mar 2015
Location: Webdesign (Buttons)

Neuer Button mit niedlichem Eisbärgesicht

The Attitude

I try to make everything as right as possible, no matter what other people say. It has to be right in my opinion. If anything dont feel right I simply dont do it. There is absolutely no reason, to do things others want you to do, when you are not happy with it.
Based on this way of thinking I cancelled my old Job in L and moved to the OPN. I'm still not going to make my driver's licence even tough my aunt would completely pay for it. And I decided to be vegan, and to just dont care anymore if others like it or not. Most people dont like it.
Step by step I try to build up a life which is perfect for me.
For a long time I was too afraid of doing that, I didn't want to loose friends and to drift apart from my family even more then I already did. But when you watch it from a neutral point of viewing, it makes no difference if you loose some friends and be unhappy about that, or if you do things you not really want to do and be unhappy about that. The good thing about the loosing friends fact, is that you may find other friends. Friends that fit better into your new life.
Listen to your inner Voice and don't be afraid of what it tells you. Because it is you.